This is What Happens When You Write a Book

21 Ways to Total Social Media Engagement: That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

21 Ways to Total Social Media Engagement: That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

This is What Happens When You Write a Book

Something shifts when you write a book. Even a smallish book, like mine. Here are some of the things that have changed for me.

Wait a Minute. There’s a Book?

Yes, there’s a book. It’s called 21 Ways to Total Social Media Engagement That Will Make You Look Like a Pro. And it’s available on Amazon as a printed book and an e-book. I’m considering an audible version, too. Mostly because I’d like to learn how to create an audible book, but also because it seems like a neat thing to do.

What Changed?

Now, when I hear the word author, I no longer feel a pang of jealousy. Instead of jealousy, I feel pride. And also recognition: “Hey, I wrote a thing, and it’s out there in the world!” So that is a pretty cool feeling. If you’ve never written a thing, I highly recommend doing so.

Also, Inspiration

I also feel inspired to write another book and have already started that process. It’s already longer this book and will cover how to reuse your own content. We spend a lot of time and energy creating content, so if it can be recycled, repackaged, and reused, why not?

Creates Credibility

People look at you differently once you’ve written a book. I’d heard this before but had never experienced it personally. I recently heard the statistic that only 1% of the population has ever published a book. So if you take that step and publish and become an author that sets you apart immediately.

Writing and Publishing Are Commitments

Deciding what to write and what to leave out of any published work can be a difficult decision. Once you’ve sent your book out there, it’s done. Now you might have problems letting go of something you’ve written as I did. But at a certain point, you have to let go and let the book speak for itself.

New Friendships

Along the way, I’ve met others who write, and although this book is a baby step, it’s still a step. Writing more will create more friendships, I’m sure.

Thank You

By the way, thank you to my good friend Dyane Harwood for inspiring me to write this post! She has been such a good friend to me along the way. You can get a copy of her fabulous memoir, Birth of a New Brain, on Amazon.

Have You Written a Thing?

How did writing that thing change you? Leave me a comment! And thank you.



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