How to Save Money By Outsourcing Your Social Media

If you’re busy running your own business, then you probably are running short on time. You’re expected to be the banker, create a business plan, and do things like run to the store for printer ink. Oh, wait! That’s me! But I’ll bet it applies to a lot of others, too. If that is you, then you definitely need to outsource your social media.

You Look up and You Have No Social Media

What happens, or so I’ve been told, is people forget that they need social media. They’re off developing a new widget or amazing software, or an entire company, and suddenly they realize it’s time to launch and they have no social media.

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What to Do?

At this point, most people panic. There’s some wringing of the hands and maybe a shot of tequila (or something else stronger), and then a sudden idea born of desperation and too much drinking appears. To avoid panic, take deep breaths! And here are some other ideas from Psychology Today: 22 Quick Tips to Change Your Anxiety Forever.

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The Desperate Plan

The desperate plan usually involves some hurried notes written on a napkin and a niece or nephew who have been on social media, but not really seeped in it. Kissmetrics has a nifty article on How to Successfully Outsource Social Media for Your Business. You may want to choose a smaller project first so you can get to know the consultant, for example.

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Don’t Do That

The person you choose needs to really be soaking in the stuff. And by soaking in it, I mean they need to have used it for business purposes for a while. And maybe you need someone who can do other things as well, such as blogging.

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Save Yourself Some Money

You don’t buy your best outfit at the Dollar Store, do you? (No offense to the Dollar Store.) If you want someone who’ll be the face of your company or brand, you want someone who can easily adopt your voice. That would be a professional social media manager or blogger.

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Outsource for Savings

Rather than hiring someone to work in-house, why not outsource your social media? Here are a few articles that might help you:

If you’ve been looking for a while, send me an email or contact me on Twitter! Or leave me a message here. That works, too! And thank you.

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