Why Join the Navy When You Can Be a Pirate?


Why Join the Navy When You Can Be a Pirate?

Why Join the Navy When You Can Be a Pirate?

You could interpret Steve Job’s words in several different ways. In the context of the time he said it, he might have meant that he didn’t have to join Microsoft and buy into Microsoft’s ideas. He also might have meant why be a corporate drone when you can have unlimited self-expression? That’s the meaning I choose to believe he was referring to. And in case you missed last week’s post, here it is: Time Management for the Tired and Frazzled.

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The Beauty of Self-Expression

No matter how creative you are, if you work for a corporation, your ideas will likely be drowned out by the incessant hum of that corporation’s ideas. Having worked for several large corporations (no names, please!), I can attest to this idea. People generally like to do things the way they’ve always done them, not change course even if a better, newer idea comes along. By the way, if you’ve been lacking creativity lately, Psychology Today has some ideas for you: Creativity.

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There’s Piracy and Then There’s Piracy

Nobody is saying to make other people walk the plank. But also, if you’re a corporate drone, you may be “borrowing” other people’s ideas a lot, and then editing them for consistency. Again, there’s very little room for your own creativity. Those with creative ideas may be segregated in one particular area of the company, and not allowed to play with others.

Seek out Your Own Inner Pirate

I’m not saying to wear a bracelet that says “What would Blackbeard do?” But exploring your creativity can give you the newest and best ideas. If you’re in a corporate setting, others may take credit for your ideas. This has happened to many people. People may even steal your words wholesale, without a credit. It happens to the best of us. Now that’s piracy!

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Ships Passing in the Night

Occasionally downing a big flask of ale with a passing pirate could be a good idea. Or staying up past your bedtime to finish a creative endeavor. Or staying up all night to watch the sunrise at a usually-crowded location. On your way there, you may meet other pirates out finding their own favorite locations.


Avoid Facebook Quizzes That Ask How Much of a Pirate You Are

Do you think real pirates are answering quizzes? Of course not! They’re the ones making the quizzes! So if you’re answering those quizzes, get in touch with your own inner pirate and start making your own quizzes! But please don’t sell the results. If you’re wondering whatever happened to privacy, you might want to read this: What Happened to Privacy? Can it Exist in the Digital Age?

Talk Like a Pirate Day

On the other hand, Talk Like a Pirate Day may give you just enough of a laugh that you can go on without answering a Facebook quiz for another day. In case you’re wondering how this day came about, here’s How It All Started–International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  A fun read.

TROPICAL BEACH photoYou’ve Wasted Ten Minutes of Your Life

Do you enjoy self-deprecating humor as much as I do? If so, please leave me a comment!




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