The #1 Question about Social Media

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You probably already know the answer to this question. People always always ALWAYS ask about ROI (Return on Investment) with social media. And of course, ROI isn’t the point of social media, at least not in the traditional dollars-and-cents way. There are other things you can measure, though, that may help prove the value of social media. If you want to know more, read on.

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The ROI of Social Media

It’s difficult in most cases to attribute social media to return on investment. You can measure things like downloads, reach, and engagement. But sales, which most brands really want, don’t always come directly or immediately. Conversations are important, and can begin with social media. And sometimes people need to be exposed to an idea seven or ten times before making a buying decision. If you’d like to read more about Return on Investment, you might like Why Friendships Are Absolutely the Best ROI of Social Media.

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It’s Possible to Track Social Media

Larger brands (and some smaller ones, too) track their social media posts using Urchin Tracking Modules (UTM) tracking. You may have seen these long codes while traveling around the internet. Sprout Social has more information about UTM Tracking here: UTM Tracking and URL Shortening for Social Media Managers. You may want to track click through rates (CTRs) or reach, or any number of other metrics. But again, most business owners want sales. Some metrics can help, especially if your business has an easily definable sales path. Often, I hear people say they don’t know where they heard about a business.

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Who’s Listening?

Brand awareness is at the top of most social media marketers’ lists of what’s important. But who’s listening when you post about your brand? That depends upon who you are, when you post, and a few other things. Not everyone who wants to find you will find you. But certainly there are ways to help people find you more easily. You might like Ready to Be Found? These days, it’s your attention that is what’s critical. Brands of all sizes want you to pay attention to them.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

And if you post on social media and no one sees it, is it worthwhile to post at all? That depends. Of course, the little bots that roam around on Google will see your posts. Even if nobody comments on your post, being optimistic is helpful. Surely someone will eventually see what you’ve written eventually, right?

How to Use LinkedIn That Will Help You Build Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn That Will Help You Build Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn That Will Help You Build Your Business

Lately, there’s been a resurgence of interest in LinkedIn. Maybe because that other social media platform (that one based in Menlo Park) has been scaring off a lot of people.


Vanity Metrics and Buying Followers

Although the number of followers should not be the end-all, it’s nice to have a few followers. Whatever you do, though, don’t buy followers on LinkedIn or any other social media platform. You might want to read Why Not to Buy Followers on Instagram, from Hootsuite. And by the way, you’ll get the same lack of engagement on other platforms, including LinkedIn, if you decide to buy followers.

Start Conversations

You might not want to talk to every follower you have, but if you have conversations with those who are in your target audience, that could be a start. And if your target market is everyone, then we need to have a talk. Your target market is not everyone unless you’re selling water or air. In most places, those things are free. You might like this guide to engagement if you need help starting conversations on social media.

Have a Brand Identity

Who are you and what is your brand about? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where are your best opportunities? If you want to know about creating your brand identity, I highly recommend Clement Lim’s Creating a Kick-Ass Brand Identity in Six Easy Steps. It’s one of the best articles on brand identity I’ve ever read. Every time I read it, I get something more from it.

Drive Conversations Offline

Some of the best conversations online end up being friendships. Once you meet people in real life, you don’t know what could happen. Often those friendships end up as business partnerships. And you can have an awful lot of fun meeting people, in any case. You might like Why Friendships Are Absolutely the Best ROI of Social Media.

Find Collaborators

Collaboration makes work easier and less tedious. When you run out of steam, others on a team can pitch in and help you, either by doing work for you or with encouragement. Many entrepreneurs suffer from loneliness without some human contact. LinkedIn is a great place to find collaborators.


Are you publishing on LinkedIn? It’s one of the best reasons to be on LinkedIn. I’ve found that people connect with you more easily if you publish your own work and also share others’ posts. Here’s an article that you might like, too: Here are 10 Surprising Stats You Didn’t Know About Marketing on LinkedIn.

Why Are You on LinkedIn?

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