#Digiblogchat Questions April 7, 2020

office photo

The topic for April 7th is Organizing your office while working from home! 

Q1. What would you do first when organizing your home office? 

Q2. Are you a fan of labeling things to help you find them later? Why or why not? 

Q3. What is the most difficult thing for you to organize in your home office? 

Q4. How useful is your filing system to you? What would make it more useful? 

Q5. How do you organize your electronic gadgets? 

Q6. How would you describe your relationship with paper in your office? 

Q7. What one thing, if implemented today, could help you the most with your home office? 

Q8. How often do you purge the paper in your file drawers? 

Q9. What types of containers do you really like for organizing? 

Q10. What’s one thing you’d tell someone before they organized their office?



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