Random Pinterest Annoyances

Random Pinterest Annoyances

Random Pinterest Annoyances

If you’re like a lot of the people on Pinterest, you’ve formed some strong opinions about the right way to use this social media platform. You’ve spent hours (or maybe weeks or months) pinning, so you have a pretty good idea of what to do or not do. (By the way, if you’re using Pinterest for a startup, here are some first steps.) These are some of my completely grouchy and random thoughts.

Using the Wrong Description

Maybe we should be happy that most spammers are so lazy that they use one picture and a completely unrelated caption underneath it. But that gets pretty old on Pinterest. For instance, a picture of a purse and underneath: “EARN MA$$IVE INCOME FROM INTERNET CALL ME NOW I MAKE $38,000 FIRST WEEK. MY BROTHER IN LAW CANNOT BELIEVE IT”

Taking Credit for Original Artwork

Taking Credit for Original Artwork

Taking Credit for Original Artwork

Pinterest has gotten pretty good about telling people to take down pins when the owner requests it. So please don’t take my pin. I’m not seeing this happen much any more, but when it does, it’s still  annoying.

Spam on Shared Boards

When you (that is, I) go to a shared board all excited and then realize that it’s nothing but spam, that is the definition of disappointment. Yes, it is.

Stealing My Soul

Do not swoop in and steal all my pins without changing a single word. It’s creepy when I visit your board and every single picture and every single caption mirrors mine. Sheesh. Use some of your own ideas. What do you like about the pins? Say that.

Items with No Description

While we’re at it, why do people post things and then just put a period (.) underneath them? Doesn’t that drive you crazy? Huffington Post has a pretty good list of what not to do on Pinterest, too.

No Way to Search Your Own Pins

As Vanessa Van Edwards says in her article “Why Pinterest Will Not Be the Next Facebook,” scrolling to find that perfect taco recipe just takes too long. It’s easier to use Google.

 You’ve Been There

What annoys you? Did I leave anything out?

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