How to Find Motivation to Write


How to Find Motivation to Write

How to Find Motivation to Write

Some people think there must be a secret to finding the motivation to write. And it’s true that sometimes writing is much easier than at other times. For some people, a deadline is a good motivator. But for others, like me, a deadline helps not at all.

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What’s the Secret to Finding Motivation?

The secret is there is no secret. If you want to write, you have to write whether you feel like writing or not. And then edit that writing and make it better. However, there are things to make you feel more like writing. But you wanted how to find motivation to write, and here it is.

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Set up Your Environment So You Want to Write

Do you have good lighting? A desk that you really love? How about cats? Just kidding about the cats! But the lighting and the good desk are important. My cats are sitting right here, watching me write, so I have to say that cats are the most important thing. Cats can either help you figure out how to find motivation to write, or they can hamper your efforts altogether, by stealing your mouse, slapping the screen, and biting on things.

Write a Little Every Day

Some say to write 1500 words per day, and that will get you over the fear of that blank page or blank screen. But if you can’t write 1500 words, how about 500 words? How about 150 words? And as far as a good length for a blog post, I recently heard (from Jeff Bullas’ blog) that 750 words or more is a good length. By the way, here are 9 Reasons Why a Blog is Important for Your Career and Life, from Jeff Bullas.

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Sometimes an Image Can Motivate

Sometimes a mysterious image can give you motivation. Sit in front of an image you really like and meditate on it. Take a look at it and see where your brain goes. If that doesn’t help you figure out how to find motivation to write, I don’t know what will!

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Get Into Your Introvert Mindset

In my opinion, introverts have a lot to say, but they don’t always say it loudly enough. Writing levels the playing field. In fact, introverts may have a homecourt advantage in the field of writing. So there. And if you haven’t read my article about introverts, here it is: Six Facts About Introverts and Social Media That Will Impress Your Friends.

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Get out of the House

Take a hike. Visit a lake. Go to the gym. All of these activities can sometimes make you think in a different way. Also, getting plenty of sleep is a very good idea. If you haven’t read my post about Sleep, here you go: Ten Reasons to Get More Sleep So You Can Conquer the World.

Let the Writing Flow

Sometimes just letting the writing flow without knowing where it’s going can be a good exercise. How do you find the motivation to write? Do you have an exercise that works for you? Leave me a comment! And thank you.

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