#Digiblogchat Questions April 14, 2020


mental health photo

The topic for April 14, 2020 is Mental health and well-being during difficult times! 

Q1. How do you think an extended quarantine will affect your mental health? 

Q2. Does having the data and facts about #Covid19 make you feel calmer?  How so? 

Q3. How does self-care change your psychological outlook?  

Q4. How does a feeling of gratitude change your outlook? 

Q5.  What effect does exercise have on your mental health? 

Q6. How do you feel about virtual mental health care?  

Q7. Has listening to the news about #Covid19 changed your sleep habits, and if so how? 

Q8. What are you looking for in other people’s behavior? Are you observing and reaching out to others? 

Q9. How has the stress of sharing your personal space affected you?   

Q10. What suggestions do you have for someone who just found out about #Covid19? 


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