Hiring a Professional Blogger? What You Need to Know First

Hiring a Professional Blogger? What You Need to Know First

Hiring a Professional Blogger? What You Need to Know First

You’ve heard the idea before that anyone can write. True, anyone can write. But not everyone can write well. And not everyone can keep your business and your interests at the top of their mind. Since I’ve been blogging for awhile now (over five years), I’ve learned a few things. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re looking for someone to hire for blogging. By the way, I’m available!



Not everyone cares about formal education, but some do. So you might want to ask where the person you want to hire went to school. Do they have a degree in something related to writing? For instance, my degree is from U.C. Berkeley, in English. Also, do they have any other writing experience, such as technical writing, that could assist them in their (and your) blogging efforts?

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How important is experience? That depends upon what you’d like your blogger to write about. Would having someone inexperienced be better? Who will be reading your blog posts and will that reader care if there are mistakes? Would you care if there were mistakes? Probably yes and yes! So consider someone with some experience. And of course real-world experience counts, as this article from Inc. Magazine outlines: Why Your Company Needs to Hire a Writer (And How to Find the Right One).

Deadlines and Punctuality

You probably want someone who’s a self-starter and can make deadlines, right? You don’t need to be babysitting the person who writes your professional blog. You’d like the posts to be scheduled on time so you can do your job, which means running your company. What kind of track record does your blogger have? Can he or she write to a deadline? How can you tell if they’ll be punctual? Were they on time to the meeting with you? You could ask their references.


Do you have to come up with all the ideas for your blog yourself? Or would you rather have a blogger who can come up with optimized headlines and ideas for you, once she knows what you do? Speaking of headlines, they can sometimes be a pain in the asterisk! Of course, the best is to have a team approach where everyone decides on the blog ideas together and then the blogger can be set loose to do what she does best–write.


Would you prefer someone who consistently has writer’s block? Or would you rather have someone who can sit down and write without a lot of prompting? Ha! I thought so! Writing is work. It’s not waiting to get prepared to sit down to write. No. It’s actually sitting down and writing. Every day. If your would-be writer carries a notebook around, that’s a big clue that you’ve got someone with passion as well as confidence.

Engagement with Blog Readers

Will your blogger know how to engage with those who read the blog? Or will you be expected to do that? Personally, I recommend that bloggers engage with readers directly. Another good skill to have is to comment on others’ blogs besides yours, if possible.

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Top-Notch Imagery

Without interesting images to draw readers in, a blog can be a simple wall o’words. And you certainly don’t want that!

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Do You Have Someone Like This in Mind?

If not, then I have a suggestion for you. Give me a call. I would be happy to give you a free consultation. Maybe we can work together!


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