How to Make Money with Social Media without Losing Your Mind


How to Make Money with Social Media without Losing Your Mind

How to Make Money with Social Media without Losing Your Mind

Although social media isn’t magic, it is possible to draw attention to your products and services using social media, especially when your posts are thoughtful and anticipate what your audience wants. By the way, you might like this post: Social Media Isn’t Magic — it Takes Planning and Hard Work.

First of all, you are creating connections and trust with your social media accounts. You are engaging with people regularly (am I right?), answering questions, and blogging.

In case you were wondering, the answer to whether you can make money with social media is a resounding yes!

So here are a few ways to make that happen.

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Create Products

A product doesn’t have to be big or fancy. You don’t have to start with an e-book. You could start with a really good checklist, as my friend Tess Witter says. Or a short guide to whatever you’re an expert in.

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Post Images of Your Crafts

Where you sell can be just as important, if not more so, than how you sell. Selling your crafts on Instagram or Pinterest will probably gain you more sales than Google Plus. But you can also use Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your own website or an Etsy site. Here’s an article about getting started on Pinterest that you might like: Pinterest: 10 Quick and Easy Tasks You Can Do Right Now.

Sell Your Services

I don’t recommend giving away your services for free, but how about a friendly “get-to-know-you-better” price to attract a few people? Could be a one-hour introductory rate for a specific period of time.

Videotape What You Do

You may offer a service that no one else does. For instance, perhaps you create videos to showcase others’ businesses. Why not create a video showing what you do? And of course have a call to action at the end. Of course, you may also want to create tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and a blog post featuring the video. Here’s a post about how to turbocharge your blog post production that you might like, by the way. Your ideal client might be in any of those places on the inter webs! video shoot photo

Long-Tail Keywords for the Win!

If what you do is very specific, a video could attract a really big customer, such as the one my friend Bridget Willard attracted with her video about epoxy and tilt-up construction when she was working for a construction company.

Appeal to Those Who Learn Differently Than You

Most people are visual learners, but what about those who learn best through hearing something? Create a video so people don’t have to read, but can instead listen!

And the most important way to make money?

Create Relationships!

Yes, that’s right. Social media is a long game. You’re probably not going to have a bunch of new friends by next week. But regularly adding value to conversations on social media, being helpful where you can, and answering questions go a long way toward having some relationships. After awhile, you’ll start to see some familiar faces, and you’ll engage more with them.

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Be Generous First

How? You might ask. Share others’ content. Offer helpful links. Listen to other people first. It’s one of those simple but not easy things. There are really no shortcuts.



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