How to Find Ten Blog Post ideas in One Hour That Will Make You Feel Relaxed

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Do you struggle to find good content for your blog? There are so many ideas out there, and yet…not so much. Maybe you are feeling less creative and have run out. Here are some hints for you so that you can continue writing. And you can create them in one hour (maybe less!).

The Most Asked Question

What do people ask you over and over again? Don’t you get a little tired of answering that question? They might also ask the question in different ways. Why not create a blog post about that? You could call it The Most Frequently Asked Question about….

What You Wish People Would Ask

Is there something people never ask you but you wish they would? For example, Why should I hire you? Or What differentiates you? might be good questions to answer. You can surely write a full blog post about that.

Behind the Scenes

Maybe you rescue dogs in your off hours. Maybe you do needlepoint. If you have a hobby, or if your staff members all go to baseball games together, why not write about that? You might be surprised at what triggers people to do business with you. If you do share, try not to overshare. Here’s why: What Happens to Your Audience When You Overshare.

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Best of Post

What was your favorite post? Did it get a lot of attention? Did it not garner any attention? Why not write about what you think happened…or didn’t happen? You might do one per month or even one per week if you post a lot.

Something That Made You Think

Was there some article pertaining to your business that really made you think? You could use that as a jumping-off point. What did it make you think about? Did you agree with what they said? Disagree? Sometimes using an opposite viewpoint is valuable for your audience.

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Something That Made You Laugh

Maybe your business is a serious one. Maybe not. But we all need to laugh anyway. So long as what you write is not completely off-brand, why not write a humorous post? For instance, you could write a whole series about clowns. Oh, wait, that’s me!

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Compilation Post

You might compile a few posts, especially if you write about the same thing over and over. You might like How to Effectively Stand out in a Noisy World.

Write about the Competition

Of course, you probably don’t want to name the competition. This goes hand-in-hand with what differentiates you. Are they sloppy workers? Write about how meticulous you are. Are they bad listeners? Talk about your keen listening skills. And so on.

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A Series about What You Do

Do people understand what you do? Even plumbers have some services that people might not know about, or understand. You could write about what you offer that’s beyond what others offer. For instance, many plumbers also work on sprinkler systems.

What You Don’t Do

This could be a humorous post. Maybe your customers always ask you to do something that you find distasteful. That could make a good post. Friend Randy Clark wrote about How NOT to train, for instance.

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Is That Better?

Do you feel more relaxed now? Having a bunch of topics to write about can make you more relaxed. Plus, you’ll have time to do something else now!


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