Simple Answers to Your Weird Social Media Questions

Simple Answers to Your Weird Social Media Questions

Simple Answers to Your Weird Social Media Questions

As a Social Media Manager, I get a lot of questions through email, direct messages, and Facebook messenger, as well as in person at events. Most business owners want to cut to the chase, so here are some of the strangest requests and my answers.

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Can We Have Coffee So I Can Pick Your Brain?

Let me think about it. Ok, no. But everything on my website is free. In addition, here areĀ 5 Productive Ways to Respond When Someone Wants to Pick Your Brain for Free.

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Should I buy followers for my social media accounts?

No. And here’s how you can tell: Four Clues Twitter Followers Are Purchased.

Also: if you buy followers your analytics will be seriously off. You don’t want that!

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Will you train me to do what you do?

I could, but it would take a long time. And be pretty expensive. Again, you can read my blog.

Why Does Marketing Cost So Much?

Because you’re hiring a person who needs to eat and breathe. Also, we need coffee. Lots of coffee.

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Can You Set Up My Website?

No, but I can happily refer you. I really like Blue Steele Solutions, by the way. They’re very experienced, professional, and I’m comfortable referring them.

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Can I Call Any Time I Have a Question?

It would be better if you batch your questions and save them for a meeting.

Do You Work 24 Hours a Day?

Nope! Most social media managers don’t. Although some larger companies have a big staff and are able to afford 24/7 support. But then you’re probably not going to talk to the same person every time you call.

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If I Help You, Will You Charge Me Less?

Most of the time, no. And if by “help me,” you mean that you’ll write headlines, that’s probably not a good idea. Although if you have interesting content, that is helpful. My dad used to have a sign on the wall of his garage that said there were two prices. And the price if you helped him was much higher. So there’s that.

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Got a Question?

Ask me here, and I’ll try to answer it. And thank you!




  1. I have a question.

    My friend has a Shih-Tzu dog. She (the dog) has 7000 followers on social media.

    I only have 2000.

    Why’s that?

    Is it because I’m not fluffy enough?

    • Hi Clement,

      I know what you mean! Sometimes I think my cat is more popular than me on Twitter. The Fluffy Factor ™ must be the answer! Therefore, all our posts need to include more fluff in the future! That could mean fluffy dogs, fluffy cats, or even fluffy birds!

      Think about it.


  2. Hi Carol,
    Your blog posts never fail to make me smile.
    And I always learn something. Reading your blogs and SM posts have been a great eye opener and helped me better my SM practices ;-)

  3. Marketers who represent Brands well are rare and should be paid accordingly. Period.

    Great post. I love the frankness.

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