Quick and Easy Social Media Cheat Sheet: What to Do on Facebook?

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If you’re a beginner on social media, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Your friends have been on Facebook for years, so they’re no help. What to do? Here are five simple things you can do on Facebook.

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Check Your Notifications

Updates are shown through little red squares on Facebook. Click on them and you’ll see who’s trying to reach you, when a post has another comment on it, and things like that. You can change which notification you get through your settings. Here’s an excellent article about Facebook’s Notifications Being Out of Control. By the way, you can change your notifications if you’re getting too many of them.

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Post Something

If you’re a business, post something about your business, such as a change in your services. Or maybe you got a new logo and would like to say something about that. Or put up a blog post. By the way, posts with images or videos get a lot more views than just text posts. And if you want to engage others on Facebook, you might like: How to Engage on Social Media: Facebook. Be forewarned, though: getting engagement on Facebook is difficult unless you pay to play.

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Comment on Someone Else’s Post

Try writing a comment on a public post. You can also comment on someone else’s comment. Don’t forget that commenting increases your visibility just like creating a post does. There’s a right and a wrong way to comment, however. You probably shouldn’t comment on every single one of your friends’ posts, as Jeva Anand describes in Posting Comments to Other People’s Wall on Facebook. And you definitely don’t want to spam anyone. Please keep your comment about the subject of the other person’s post–otherwise, you could get unfriended or blocked. The good thing about commenting on someone else’s post is often they may feel compelled to return the favor and comment on your page!

Connect with a New (or an Old) Friend

That business associate you worked with ten years ago is probably on Facebook. Why not reach out and connect? If your friend has a business page, you can connect with them there, too. You probably have some new friends that you could also be friends with on Facebook. You’d be surprised who’s there. Don’t forget to set up your own Facebook business page, too, once you get comfortable with Facebook.

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Join a Group or Two

There are groups for all sorts of things on Facebook. Like mountain bikes? Do a search and you’ll find a group. Enjoy traveling? There’s a group for that! Want to explore your bird watching hobby? You can definitely find fellow bird watchers. And if you’re an author, you might want to know how to promote your book with Facebook. When you’re comfortable with groups, you might even want to start your own.

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Need More Help?

Still feel stuck? Facebook, just like other social media platforms, can definitely be overwhelming! It’s changing all the time and difficult to stay updated. I can definitely help you sort things out!



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