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Use Facebook to promote your wonderful writing. There are so many ways to promote your book that I can’t possibly cover all of them. Here are a few. Start building your Facebook network early—don’t wait for your publication date to get going on Facebook. With 1.4 billion active users, it’s important to be on Facebook–many of your readers are there. Strategy will be important no matter what course you take.


  • Set up your Facebook page. Let Facebook walk you through the setup of an author page. Here’s an excellent article with steps on starting your author page.
  • Start building your network on Facebook. Build some social equity by sharing others’ books and writings.
  • Create a Facebook group where others can receive free copies of your book in return for reviews. For instance, Melissa Taylor, author and Pinterest power user, created a Facebook group for her a book on Pinterest.
  • If your topic is  popular, getting fans to your page should be a breeze. If there are certain areas you’d like people to review, mention that, and make it as easy as possible for them. Tell them when you’d like the review, where they should send it, how long it should be, etc. An example doesn’t hurt, either!
  • Remind people about reviewing your book and what you’d like them say. Make it easy for them!


If you’ve set up your author page correctly, there will be a lot of action during your launch.

  • Remind stragglers to get their reviews written.
  • Answer questions about uploading reviews, content of reviews, etc.
  • Thank everyone profusely.
  • Pay for Facebook ads.
  • Post tons of wonderful content, such as reviews of your book, snippets from the book, photos of you signing the book, the book on a bookshelf, etc.


Continue to post wonderful content and keep the page going. You may decide to close the Facebook group once you have enough reviews, since it’s one less thing to manage.

Good content to share on Facebook includes articles related to your topic, giveaways, photos (images get more clicks and likes than text-only posts!), videos, and events.

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