How to Write Fresh Content That Will Help Reduce Your Stress

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We’re all really busy, although since we’re mostly working from home some of us are less busy because we’re not commuting. And some of us are not working at all, which adds to our stress. We all have the same amount of time, yet how we spend it determines our success in life. Some of us may binge endless Netflix shows, while others overeat. Right now, balance is difficult for everyone.

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Time Management

Many people determine what tasks get priority using the Eisenhower method of time management. You’ve seen the grid with the urgent versus the important, right? But are the urgent, not important tasks winning out too many times these days? Here’s the wikipedia on the Eisenhower Method. You can see that exercise, vocation, and planning are all in the urgent and important quadrant.

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Where Is Writing in Your Quadrant?

If writing is one of those important and urgent tasks that never gets done, why? ┬áIs there a way to shift that task so it’s higher up? And if it feels like such a chore to do it, why? Sometimes I have to ask myself what’s going on, and answering that question allows me to continue writing. So if there’s a block somewhere, knowing what’s causing it might also help you write more. And if that writing really never gets done, contact me because I know someone who could help (ahem!).

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The Freshmaker!

What’s fresh in your world? That is to say, what do you consider to be fresh content? Pay attention to the articles that capture your attention as you look at other people’s blogs, or articles in your newsfeed that cause you to stop in your tracks. Could you write something similar? For example, you might like scientific articles with loads of data. Can you write about science and data for your own audience and make it interesting? Make sure that the types of articles you write will resonate with your audience, though. More about audience here: Target Audience and Social Media. Make sure to include your audience’s pain points when you write.

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The Writing Itself

Which brings us to the writing itself. If you want your content to be fresh, make sure it sparkles. Edit and remove any excessively flabby parts. Be ruthless with that virtual red pen! And if editing isn’t one of your strengths, hire an editor–it’s well worth the price. You might like this article about editors: Eleven Ways an Editor Can Make You Fascinating. As you might have guessed, I’m a huge fan of editors.


Make it Fun

Without a sense of play, writing can become a chore. Do your readers enjoy themselves when they read your words? While it’s not always easy to measure, an occasional compliment from a reader can really help catapult you into writing more.


Writer’s Block

In her excellent article, How to Beat Writer’s Block, New Yorker author Maria Konnikova outlines several ways writers have cured writer’s block. Graham Green kept a dream journal for many years. Others turned to psychotherapy. Letting writers have an escape, whether through a dream journal or through exercises designed to unleash creativity allow words to flow more freely. Perhaps lowering stress through any means helps with writer’s block.



  1. Hi Carol,
    I took a month long online course. It was a great distraction and educational. I have been working on implementing what I learned. I’ll be doing that for a while and hopefully overcome some stumbling blocks in my social media quest.

    It has given me some new ideas for blog posts that will keep me from reinventing the wheel when I get ready to add a new post.

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