How to Work Your Wonderful Strengths, Forget Your Weaknesses

How to Work Your Wonderful Strengths, Forget Your Weaknesses

How to Work Your Wonderful Strengths, Forget Your Weaknesses


By now, everyone has heard of Strengthfinders, and most people have done the test. But are you really using the advice from strengthfinders every day? I have to review mine every once in a while. (Achiever and Connectedness). Which of the 34 Strengthfinder strengths do you have?

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Achievers and Achievement

As an Achiever, I feel as though every day starts at zero, and need to achieve every day. Even on Memorial Day, as I write these words, I need to get things done before heading off to the baseball game. To work this strength, I can partner with other hard workers. I could also take pictures for this very blog post!

bmw m3 race photo

The Gamification of Hard Work

Now that more and more of our everyday life is becoming gamified, how about gamifying your own achievements? Receive points for finishing projects, reaching milestones, and more. By the way, you might like this article: Gamification of Social Media. And, in fact, many brands use gamification to reach more people on their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. “Join our contest!” they say, and then add, “tag a friend, and you’ll be entered twice!”

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Being connected to something larger is one of my own strengths, and maybe yours, too. Humility and gratitude come along with Connectedness because without them, there can be no Connectedness. So listening to others, and seeing deeper connections help me to focus on this strength.

Forget “Us” and “Them”

However, convincing others of the deeper connections in life would not help my connectedness, so I’d avoid that. Also, I’d avoid anyone who thinks along the lines of “us” and “them.” Oh, boy. Sounds a lot like the current political climate, doesn’t it?

Focus on Strengths Energizes

Focus on Strengths Energizes

Focus on Strengths Energizes

As Susan Peppercorn mentions in her article The Benefits of Using Your Strengths at Work,

“Strengths also energize us. Did you ever notice yourself involved in something where you lost track of time because you were so engaged? That’s an indication that you were using one or more of your strengths.” ~ Susan Peppercorn

You wouldn’t expect a pitcher to be able to hit like Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants. Even ball players focus on what their strengths are, although during the SF Giants – Nationals Game on Memorial Day, there was more fighting than runs.

Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland maybe should stick to baseball. What do you think? Leave me a message in the comments! And thank you!



  1. Hi Carol,
    Interesting topic. After reading through the “StrengthFinder List”, I realized there is a then and now for me.
    Obviously, life and circumstances change. Add in the age factor and empirical knowledge and I see a difference from my younger days. Up until I started independent contract work, I see the Discipline and Competition among a few others for me. Now, I see the Focus and Arranger amongst a few others. Change is good. It shows there’s still growth in aging.
    Thanks for making me do a little analysis there.

    • Hi Patricia,
      You know, your comment makes me curious if the Strengthfinder test is meant to be taken every so often. Maybe every five years or so? I had thought of it like the Meyers-Briggs test. Every time I take that test I’m always an INFJ! It never changes. But maybe the Strengthfinder test changes over time. It would be interesting to retake the test!
      Thanks for giving me a new perspective!

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