How to Use Social Media for Content Creation

Using Social Media for Content Creation

Using Social Media for Content Creation

If you’ve been looking for content on social media, you’re not alone. There are several ways to speed up your searches if finding content or inspiration for blog posts is part of your job. Here’s how.

Saved Searches on Twitter

Saving searches on Twitter is my favorite way to look for content to retweet or post in other places. It’s fast and easy. Just do a regular search on Twitter and then save that search. You can search for a hashtag, single word, or phrase. For example, I often search for startups, so that’s one of mine. For more details, see this article: How to Use Twitter Saved Searches.

Guided Search on Pinterest

If you don’t know where to start searching on Pinterest, start with the general topic. Recipes, DIY, and inspiration are all popular topics on Pinterest. And you may not know exactly what you’re searching for until you see it. Follow the suggestions. Here’s an article about Guided Search on Pinterest.

Google Search Suggestions

When you do a search on Google, at the bottom of the first page results you’ll see a list of related searches. This can be very handy to search in a slightly different way if the original search doesn’t turn up what you want.

Google Scholar

If you need a scholarly article or study, go to Google Scholar. You’ll look like a superhero if you summarize the study for your audience, too. You can see case studies, citations, and patents.

Lists on Twitter

Twitter lists are a fabulous way to search. My favorite list isĀ Science, Museums. And did you know you can subscribe to other’s lists? So if you see one you like, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Use That Search to Create a Blog Post

You’ll probably get some ideas for blog posts as you search for things your audience would like. You can comment on someone else’s post, too, and incorporate it into your own post.

Do You Use Any of These Ideas?

What other ideas do you have? Leave me a comment! And thank you.





  1. Dyane Harwod says

    I love the ocean picture, Carol – wow – it’ so beautiful!
    As you know, I’m on a hiatus from my blog but if I return to it, I’ll revisit this post!
    I’m off to enjoy our last day in Tahoe – I hope you’re having a *wonderful* day in our neck of the woods!

    • Hi Dyane,

      Thank you! That photo is right below UCSC as you drive down towards Santa Cruz and the scene opens up. I love that view!

      Have a wonderful last day in Tahoe. It’s a little overcast and cooler today, but it’s supposed to heat up again for the weekend.

      Oh, boy!

  2. lists on twitter x 1000 – plus my linkedin feed. I’m being bad in my grammar and I don’t care today. hahaha

  3. Hi, Carol,

    You always have excellent reminders for me in your posts. I need to do more work on my lists. Adding that task to my “To Do List”. ;-)

    I had never heard of “Google Scholar” until following along on the #DigiBlogChat yesterday. I did some checking after the chat. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing that with us all.


    • Hi Patricia,

      I forget about my lists, too, sometimes! They’re so helpful, and one way of “sharpening the axe” so social media isn’t as daunting.

      Google Scholar is fantastic, especially for research. These days, there’s so much “fake news” that it helps to know a good source for studies and more scholarly things.

      I’m so glad you found some helpful tips! Thank you for stopping by!


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