How-to Secrets to Business Blogging to Fire You Up



Everyone may say that there’s one secret to business blogging, and there are some shortcuts, but really the best secret is there is no secret! That said, there are a number of hints that may help. Here are a few.

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Get off Your Buts

You know what I mean. Stop procrastinating and set yourself in a chair and get started. Once you get started, the cobwebs will start to dissolve. My friend Bridget Willard covers the subject of procrastinating in her excellent article: Are you busy procrastinating? If you suddenly have to clean the house before you can get started on your business blogging, you may be a procrastinator! Or if you have to “get ready to get ready,” that’s another sign.

Have a Series of Topics on Which to Write

Sometimes the toughest part about writing is knowing what to write about. So when you’re at your peak creativity, why not create a list of topics your audience might want to know about? If you like this idea, here are more details: How to Come up with a Year’s Worth of Blog Content. You may think you can magically come up with ideas in the moment, but it’s not really that easy. It’s much easier to have just a little structure before you get started.

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Ask Your Friends for Ideas

Often your friends will have even better ideas than you have yourself. Or while they’re talking, you’ll suddenly have an ‘Aha!’ moment. Ask them what sorts of business blogging you should do, and you’ll definitely be surprised by some of their answers. You know more than you think you do, and sometimes knowing too much can keep you from seeing an opportunity that’s right in front of your face.

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Have a Deadline

Give yourself a deadline, and see if you can make it. If you can’t do your business blogging once a week, how about once a month? Write about something that inspires you, bothers you, or that you can’t get off your mind. How about setting aside a 15-minute block of time to work on that important goal? Then talk it out and make it into a blog post. Or you could do a short video. This is more of a time hack than a deadline, but still.

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Write about Something New in Your Business

Is there something in your business that you’ve just started doing? Is there something you’ve expanded upon? Is there something you’ve stopped doing? There are three topics for your business blogging right there. You could word them like so:

  • How My New Business Opportunity Benefits You
  • Why the (fill in the blank) Part of My Business is Expanding
  • Why I No Longer Do Free Consultations (or whatever you no longer do)

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Hire Someone

If you can’t handle business blogging yourself, hire someone to help. Or hire someone to help you brainstorm topics or to get you started. There may be someone you know personally who can help you. You never know. And here’s what happens when you hire a professional blogger. Hiring someone doesn’t have to be forever. You might want to hire someone for just a few months.


  1. HA! Thanks for referencing my article. I used to be a bad procrastinator and now I’m rather good at it. These are all great tips. And I do them often. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for all the recommendations.
    You hit the nail on the head. Having a list of topics (headlines) ready to go has been helpful. It’s time for me to sit down, get creative and come up with more.

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