How to Engage on Social Media: Pinterest

How to Engage on Social Media: Pinterest

How to Engage on Social Media: Pinterest

This blog post is part of my series on how how to How to Engage on Social Media: The Complete Guide. You might want to see the previous two parts:

More parts will be added on a weekly basis.

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Pinterest a Rising Star

Pinterest is a rising star, and like certain other social media platforms, underutilized. If your audience includes women, then you need to be on Pinterest! Some 31% of adult Internet users use Pinterest, according to the Pew Research Center.

Can You Be Social on Pinterest?

The people at Pinterest claim that Pinterest is not a social media platform. In some ways, they’re right. But it is still possible to engage, to share, to comment, and to like posts. There is no live video (yet!), but that could be on its way. I’d definitely agree with Justin Horvath that Pinterest is Social Media’s Best Kept Secret.

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Social Discovery

Pinterest is certainly a place for discovery. Say for instance you need a pair of shoes. But that’s all you know. Would you go to Google and search for shoes? No! Instead go to Pinterest, because you’ll automagically get visual search cues to guide you: green shoes, camo sneakers, velvety green heels, and more.

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How to Engage?

When you’re tooling around Pinterest, like and comment on people’s pins (I know they’re supposed to be called saves, but pins sounds so much better.)  Make sure that you tag the person whose post you’re commenting on! Hover over the person’s name and get their handle. For instance, mine is @YourSoMeWorks. Now, make sure to say something a little out of the ordinary. Put a little thought into it.

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Use Direct Messaging Sparingly

If you already know someone, use direct messaging. Or if it’s really important. Otherwise, direct messaging can seem spammy, like a direct message on Twitter when you don’t even know someone. It’s a good way to get unfollowed!

Send Pins and Boards

If you see something that a friend would like, by all means send it their way! Pinterest explains how to send either a pin or a board in a short post. You can engage with people that way as well.

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Group Boards

Another way to engage on Pinterest is to either join or have your own group board. Engage with the other pinners on the group board, making sure to tag them when you do.

Are You Engaging on Pinterest?

Why or why not? Leave me a comment and I promise to write you back! And thank you!

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  1. All good advice for Pinterest! I am not on it as much as I used to be. I tend to spend too much time on it when I am. I think I will get back on it in the new year with a timer in place.

    • Hi Justine,
      I’d imagine that’s why a lot of people aren’t on Pinterest–it’s simply too much fun and easy to spend hours there! Pinning with a timer is an excellent idea.

      Thanks for dropping by,

  2. I’m not on Pinterest.


    Because I don’t think my key target audience of B2B Marketing Directors are hanging out there. Also I’m better at crafting words than crafting images. And managing Twitter and LinkedIn is already enough to keep me busy.

    What do you think, Carol?

    • Hi Clement,

      Those are good reasons to NOT be on Pinterest. It’s not for everybody, and by focusing on where your clients are, you can better use your own time, and not drive yourself crazy!

      Thanks for stopping by, as always!


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