How to: Best Upgrades You Need When You Work from Home

How to: Ten Best Upgrades You Need When You Work from Home

How to: Best Upgrades You Need When You Work from Home

Who Works from Home?

Everybody works from home sometimes. The better question might be: Who doesn’t work from home?

This post was inspired by Patricia Phillips (The Aspen Stand’s) post To Work From Home or Not to Work From Home?

desk chair photo


At first, I was going to write about my own home office, which is in a loft. And, I must admit that after looking at Patricia’s office, I became a teensy bit jealous. I mean, look at her office, in the link above. Check out the lighting. And that orange wall! More on that wall later.

Here’s where the picture of my office would be.

That is, if I could take a picture. But, you see, there isn’t enough light to take a picture! Because my office sucks. It’s as dark as a night on The Walking Dead. That is, in one of the earlier, scarier episodes where Glenn is still alive and Carl isn’t so annoying.

A small task light would help in a dark office like mine. And for computer work, well-distributed diffuse light, as recommended by OSHA, would help to prevent eye fatigue and headaches. If you suffer a dip in energy as well as a rise in depression during the darker months, a light therapy box, as recommended by the Mayo Clinic could be very helpful.

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

But in my dark, dark office, you just have to hold a flashlight with your mouth while you try to type, because that’s how it is.

jungle desk photo

Wall of Color

Back to that beautiful orange wall. In this post, the one that you are reading right now, you are not going to get a wall of color. Instead, you’re getting a wall of text, and I hope you’re okay with that.

Back to the Future

Later, maybe after there is some light that doesn’t come from a flashlight, maybe I will add a wall o’ color. Or, heck, maybe a map. Or a photo!

jungle desk photo


My desk has always been my favorite thing of the office. If you have a furry officemate (see below) who likes to step all over your keyboard just for spite, then a pull-out drawer is a must-have. When I see that little furball coming, I can push in the keyboard tray. She still likes to slap the monitor for fun, but I’ve never sent an email composed of “^%$#$%%%%%%” since getting the keyboard tray!

Do You Have a Standing Desk?

Of course now standing desks are all the rage. Do you like those? Me, too. I don’t have one, though.

 desk chair photo


I have a chair, and I’d take a picture of it, but this office is too dark!


Who Owns Your Office?

Who Owns Your Office?


If, like me, you have a furry person who shares your office with you, then you fully realize that you don’t own anything in your office. You probably have three blankets and two pillows just for your furry friend, am I right? The only “pets” you have are the dust bunnies behind the printer.


Originally, I was going to write about all the swell things you could have if you upgraded your office. But then, the blog post got hijacked by the suckiness (suckitude?) of my own office. My next post will have some actual upgrades!

That’s it

It’s dark, and I’m tired. Leave me a comment if you can see well enough!


  1. ???? You have such a great sense of humor Carol. I’m so glad my post inspired you to do some office upgrades. Lighting is SO important. I’m sure Pinterest can offer loads of ideas on how to “lighten” up the mood in your office.
    I do have an IKEA stand-up desk that I love. Very simple and serves me well. Every now and then I pull in a stool (perfect when your dining room table stools work for your stand-up desk) when my feet just can’t take any more standing on a LONG day. I try not to do that very often.
    And fur babies and “fur bunnies” occupy my office so I have that big ole feather bed on the floor which they all use and quilts on chairs for sleep cats too. All one big happy family in my office.
    Thanks for mentioning and linking my blog post too. ;-)

    • Hi Patricia,

      The more I thought about it, the more I realized how sucky my office is. Don’t get me wrong–there are still some very nice features to it. But the lighting REALLY needs to be upgraded. Without lighting, how will I ever find all the dust bunnies hiding behind the printer? Serioiusly, lighting is the next thing to upgrade.

      That stand-up desk sounds perfect. There’s an IKEA within a days distance, so the horse and buggy will need to be readied.

      The kitty rules the roost, but I think she’d like a feather bed. She’s been complaining that three blankets aren’t enough!

      Thanks for dropping by! And thank you for the inspiration. I’m heading to the lamp shop!


  2. I’m surrounded by windows and natural light and it feels nice to see that. But taking the walks outside really help. It goes get lonely, but that’s why I go to meetups, chat on Slack and Twitter, and with peers on the phone.

    Sully Dog says hi.

    • Hi Bridget,

      Yep, having conversations with friends really helps a lot. The walking and getting away from the office is so helpful. You live in a beautiful area, too! I love all your pictures of the harbor and the sunsets.

      Hi back to Sully!


    • The natural light is wonderful Bridget.
      Being an introvert, I’m not much of a social butterfly but I know physically interacting is important for mind and body. Since my contract work is very slow the last couple of years, I don’t get out in social settings much. I adore being out with the dogs but we can’t get into any intellectual conversations. Haha

      • Hi Patricia,

        Everyone has a certain amount of interaction that they need to feel good. I need to have two good conversations a day with people, though that can take the form of twitter chats or even a visit to the gym. Dogs are great companions but they don’t read (very much), so it’s tough to talk about stuff like books with them.

        Thank you for being so supportive. I really appreciate it!


  3. Hi Carol

    My ‘office’ is just my laptop and my mobile phone. And I usually work sitting on the floor, with my laptop on top of a couple of storage boxes. It’s a very ‘Zen’ approach I suppose.

    Apparently sitting in a chair all day is bad for you so maybe I’m onto something. I could get a standing desk, as you suggested.

    But I think I prefer sitting on the floor. It’s the way of my ancestors, or so I’ve read.


    • Hi Clement,

      That does sound like a “zen” office. Sitting on the floor is supposed to be much better than sitting at a desk. Some of my ancestors sat and sit on the floor a lot, too. The other half wear lederhosen and drink beer.

      You are to be commended for sitting on the floor. You’ll probably have fewer chiropractic bills that way.

      Nice to see you,

  4. Love this! My main office space isn’t great but affords me a view a view of the water. During the summer I use the outside office with natural light until as late as 9 PM.

    Surrounded by plants, the view of the Tacoma Narrows, the sound of the water / music and a larger work surface and comfy chair.

    My secondary offices are 2 coffee shops where everyone knows my name. I can put my head down and work or socialize!

    • Hi Robert,

      A great view like that can make up for the not great office. I love all the pictures you’ve shared of your deck and the water on social media!
      Those other offices are also wonderful. Reminds me of Cheers: “where everyone knows my name,” that is! :D

      Thanks for stopping by!

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