How Natural Disasters Can Make Us More Grateful

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The Kincade fire was in the national news for awhile now, and there have been many other fires in California and other countries since then. My area in the Santa Cruz Mountains lost power for five days in October. Although I’d never wish a power outage or the fear and anxiety that goes along with a fire on anyone, I’m very grateful for what I do have. Maybe you are, too.


Fires, Earthquakes, and Power Outages

With so much going on all around us, water, electricity, and a place to live are so appreciated. We take so much for granted. When the basics are taken away from us, it’s different. Right now, we’re all watching Australia’s fires and seeing how much people and animals there are suffering. Evacuations have become more commonplace because of climate change. The days are hotter, and the weather is more unreliable.

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Let’s Not Get Used to it

I’m not saying we ought to get used to natural disasters–not at all. But so little separates us from people who’ve gone through natural disasters. We can reach out to others, as well as have empathy, and take steps to avoid some parts of climate change. By “some parts,” I mean that it’s not all our personal responsibility. Some of it does belong to governments and corporations, which we can influence. Some of the changes I’ve been seeing have been astonishing. Jane Fonda has been getting arrested, along with other celebrities, for her civil disobedience on climate change. Seeing celebrities doing the right thing is inspirational.

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Gratitude for What We Can Do

We all have personal power, and we can use that power to influence others. Not everyone has the same influence (Jane Fonda is already famous, for instance), but everyone can do something. For my part, I can become a steward of the land that surrounds me. I can also donate to those who have gone through climate emergencies.

Some of my favorite organizations are:

Gratitude for Those Who Inspire

There are also individuals who inspire us along the way. Of course, the incomparable Greta Thunberg has inspired people of all generations, not just teenagers. There are so many heroes in our every day lives that don’t make the news. People who run the land trusts, nonprofits who care for sick and injured animals, and firefighters are all inspiring.

Little Changes Add up

Like the plot of the movie Moneyball, small changes in strategy can add up to big changes. You might not focus on getting home runs, but on getting on base every time like they did in Moneyball. Little things you do or I do every day can also add up to big changes in our feelings of gratitude. What are you grateful for?


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