Focus on Your Deepest Interests for More Energy

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Scrolling through Gary Vayner’s wonderful post How to Make 64 Pieces of Content in a Day, hidden on page 66, I saw a little snippet. The snippet was about using the Notes App to capture content, but I saw something else. It was about focusing on your deepest interests: “Keep challenging yourself on what you do when you’re not at work and find ways to allocate time to putting in a business or media (social media) platform around your deepest interests.”

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Your Deepest Interests

What are those things you do when you’re at home? Especially at home right now, since we’re all at home a lot now (except for essential businesses). Many of us are baking banana bread, deep-cleaning appliances, and reexaming our life choices. By the way, my new favorite banana bread recipe is on Epicurious. But there are also people enjoying deeper interests that they might have felt they had no time for before. Personally, I’m reading different books, with more fiction taking precedence.

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Your Forgotten Hobbies

If you suddenly have more time to think and restart some old hobbies, you could be surprised and delighted. You might like this article about your hobbies: A Good Hobby Will Make You Feel Delighted. Active leisure doesn’t seem like something people engage in as much as they used to. Isn’t it time to bring back those active hobbies? The people in my family always had a million hobbies. My brother raised Siamese Fighting Fish and rebuilt motorcycles, for instance, while I mostly read and played sports.

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Your Childhood Dreams

Was there something you wanted to do that you forgot about? Maybe now you have more time and could pick it up. Stranger things have happened. And if it’s possible to combine a childhood dream with something else you might like to do, why not now? Maybe you could illustrate your own blog posts with pictures you painted. Or created videos of your efforts at engine repairs.

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If Writing Is Your Passion

You could easily create many pieces of content if you enjoy writing. While others may be struggling to come up with content, you could use that one article 50 different ways. If you are someone who’s struggling, you might like this: Content Creation: What Are the Best Habits for Writing?

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  1. I’ve been reading and writing more. And for reading, I’ve chosen books that aren’t necessarily going to help my business. I think it’s important to focus on different things than work (if that makes sense).

    I love this idea, Carol (as always).

    • Hi Bridget,
      Yes on the books that aren’t necessarily going to help your business. We need mini-vacations from work, and especially since we’re all working from home.
      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your feedback.

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