Five Clues that You’re Overentertained

Recently I watched one of my favorite YouTubers, Kellie Branciforte of But First, Coffee. She talked about becoming a more tidy person, and mentioned that she might be overentertained. And that got me to thinking. Are we all overentertained? Have we reached the point where we can no longer be bored and do nothing? I’d say yes (at least for me). Here are a few ways to see if you truly are overentertained.

You always need to be multitasking

Yes, I know, you’re going to tell me you can’t really multitask. (I’m thinking of you, Randy Clark!) But you know what I’m saying. You can’t do just one thing at a time. That’s not enough mental stimulation for you. By the way, you might like Randy Clark’s article about multitasking: How Multitasking is Killing Your Creativity and what to do about it. Randy writes: “We aren’t wired to multitask. At best, we task switch jumping back and forth between tasks. How efficient is that?”

You need your phone while standing in line

Do you ever look around for your phone while waiting your turn at the grocery store? I do that sometimes, too. You might want to check your Twitter, or watch part of a video, or look at TikTok, am I right? Meanwhile, everyone in front of you has moved up and you’re standing there with a ten-foot gap while people give you the stink eye. At least, that’s been my experience!

No time for boredom!

Like sleep, you believe that you can be bored (or sleep!) when you’re dead. But in reality, being bored means that your brain has time to rest. And your brain seriously needs some downtime. Why, if you asked your brain right now, I’ll bet your brain would say it needs a vacation! Go ahead–ask it. I’ll wait! I’ve talked about boredom before. You might like this article: Can the Simple Pursuit of Total Boredom Make You Smarter? If you had to guess, you probably already know where I’m going with this line of thought, right?

Image by <a href="">Gerd Altmann</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Five Clues that You’re Overentertained | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

You fall asleep with the tv going and music blasting

If you need lots and lots of background noise to fall asleep, that could be a clue that you’re overentertained. Spotify plus Netflix plus TikTok plus whatever else is going on so it’s just one solid wall of noise. Sound familiar? Or is it just me?

Social media sites send notifications many times a day

If your social media sites send you tons of notifications all day long and you don’t notice how many there are any more, that could be a clue that you’re overentertained. Or you have so much Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) that it all melts into one blobby mess of notifications. Does this sound like you? If not, how have you managed to escape being overentertained? Maybe you revel in silence and boredom (at least sometimes).



  1. I laughed out loud and startled my coworker Guy the cat when I got the the multitasking subhead! Great post Carol.

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