Do We Really Need a New Social Media Platform?

The question of whether we need a new social media platform is a controversial one. After all, don’t we have ten million social media platforms already? Yes, we do, but then again no. A lot of them have already failed. Some had their day, but have fallen by the wayside. And with the way things are looking at Twitter, it’ll never be the same again. By the way, I’ve written about Twitter recently: Big Shakeup at Twitter: How Will Changes Affect You?

We do need something new

Do you remember that Huey Lewis and the News song I Want a New Drug? (Especially the part about the new drug not making him nervous.) That’s what I want, too. And a lot of others do as well. And not just because newness is so popular. We want a hybrid of what’s gone before, plus some other benefits as well. Here are a few reasons we need a new social media platform.

Indexed by Google

Yes, we don’t want a platform that’s walled off so we can’t see what’s inside at all. We want indexing by Google (and we want it now!). Seriously. How about something that lures or coaxes us inside? And isn’t so secretive that we can’t tell what’s happening at all! In other words, a focus on the positive–more a carrot over a stick approach.

Do We Really Need a New Social Media Platform? | Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

Curated for hate speech

We need less hate speech, including a list of words that can be filtered out by users (just like in Twitter–imagine that!). So we’d need real people to catch some of the hate speech and spam that we’ve been getting all along. For that, we might need to be able to reach customer service if we need help. So yes, we need customer service–and not just for those who have paid ads!

Some could be permanently banned

That’s right. This has been a subject of controversy for some time. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to return. If they adamantly refuse to change, let them go. That is, ban them. Kick them off. Hate speech shouldn’t masquerade as freedom of speech.

Flexibility in design

The new social media platform would need flexibility. That means hiring good engineers and treating them well. No ultimatums saying things like they have to sign up to be “hardcore employees.” You know who I’m talking about, right?

If not now, when?

Have you noticed a big change in Twitter users’ profiles, with many of them listing other social media platforms where they’ll be in case of the apocalypse? Because I have. Mastodon, Hive Social, and Post are just three of those covered in this article from NPR: Looking to Leaving Twitter? Here are the social networks seeing new users right now.

What will you do?

Will you stay or will you go? Or will you stay and hedge your bets? If you do start a new account, will you change your bio to reflect what you’ll do?


  1. Well… since we already know that I’m not on Twitter, I’m advocating for a new “Twitter”, but I have a feeling I’m never going to get it. You’re right, there’s a lot of other options out there, but none of them are anything like Twitter, even though they purport to be, and that’s disappointing.

    The problem is the man-baby and his ridiculous issues and postings. It’s hard to imagine someone destroying the company that helped make him the richest man in the world to go to another company to promote his ego while his reputation is crashing all around him.

    So yes, we need a new social media platform, like one was needed after Ryze was drying out (did you participate there) and Facebook showed up and Twitter came about just as MySpace was crumbling (which I never participated on anyway), one that’s like Twitter but will keep the best parts and reduce the bad parts. Is that a pipe dream?

    • Hi Mitch, I agree 100%–nothing out there is like Twitter. It’s where I get my news all in one place, meet people, and interact. The changes in Twitter have been disappointing so far, to say the least.

      And yes again to the ridiculous issues and all the drama there. Why anyone would destroy their own reputation like that is beyond me. Meantime the stock is tanking.

      I’m optimistic that someone will step into the void created. And hopeful that it will be a better option than the ones we’ve had before.

      Let’s keep all our fingers crossed.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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