#Digiblogchat Questions March 31, 2020

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The topic for March 31st is Working from Home with @VivianLKelly of Interprose! (@interprosepr)

An #Entrepreneur, CEO, and #remotework pioneer, Vivian L Kelly founded #Interprose in 1998. She leads the team in designing #PR, #socialmedia, and #marketing campaigns for global tech leaders like @Cisco and@IEEEorg.

Q1. What’s the biggest challenge to expect / overcome when transitioning from an office to a remote work environment? 

Q2. How can organizations best support their employees during the transition to working from home?  

Q3. How do leaders help maintain company culture in a remote work scenario?  

Q4. What tools and platforms are available to help teams stay connected and collaborative even when separated geographically? 

Q5. What are your tips for managers as they transition to the work from home model for both the near- and long term? 

Q6. How do you motivate your team and keep them focused to get their jobs done? 

Q7. How do you know your team members are actually working? 

Q8. What is the human side of managing remotely like? 

Q9. How do you manage difficult interpersonal or performance-related situations when unable to speak with employees face-to-face? 

Q10. Beyond social distancing, what are some of the tangible benefits that the work-from-home model provides? 

Bonus question: How is the work-from-home model evolving? 


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