#Digiblogchat questions June 9, 2020

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Today’s topic: The importance of digital skills for leadership! Thank you, @LazBlazter for the questions!

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Q1. How highly do you rate your own digital literacy. Can you create a pivot table?

Q2. Should owners / leaders / Boards be “ Uber-skilled” with tech? Discuss.

Q3. How do you define a good leader? 

Q4. What new attributes does a leader need for remote or smart working?

Q5. When and how does an organisation uplift the skills of employees?

Q6. Which skill set would you prioritise as a leader:

  1. Communication: Blogging, Vlogging, SoMe skills
  2. Strategy: Big Data, Data Vizualization, Spreadsheets
  3. Marketing: Media, Graphics, CRM, B2B
  4. Governance/Compliance: Automation, Machine Learning, Legal

Q7. Which leadership model is the most appropriate for a digital-age business, hierarchical or knowledge (influence)?

Q8. Who epitomises what a good business leader should be in your view and why?

Q9. What 3 things would you like to improve about your own skills?

Q10. Which one thing are you definitely going to commit to achieving?



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