#Digiblogchat Questions June 2, 2020

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We’ve all experienced anxiety of one sort or another, but there’s even more free-floating anxiety during the time of the Corona Virus. Thank you, @Mitch_M for the questions!

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1. Can you identify anxiety whether it’s yours or someone else’s?

2. Do you believe it’s valid to have a period of doing nothing while experiencing anxiety? Why?

3. Do you think everyone knows what drives their anxiety?

4. If possible, is it better to confront the situation or person creating the anxiety?

5. What types of things do you go to relieve anxiety, stress, depression or fear?

6. Would you talk to a friend or colleague, or would you be that friend to someone else you know is going through it?

7. Have you ever thought of, or recommended, journaling?

8. How does exercise affect anxiety? 

9. Which type of music might help relieve anxiety the most?  
10. What could you tell a friend dealing with anxiety and still be diplomatic? 

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