#Digiblogchat questions July 7, 2020

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The topic for July 7, 2020 is Netiquette for Online Meetings, with questions by @Lazblazter. Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time! 

Q1. What do your clothes say about you and your professionalism in the work context?

Q2. Is your attire relevant when you engage in virtual meetings with video on / off?

Q3. Does a virtual meeting require a “business environment” background scene? Please share your thoughts.

Q4. Is it important that you understand the tech you are using or is it okay to “blame” bandwidth or other gremlins?

Q5. What about eye contact, should you maintain this or is multi-tasking acceptable to show you’re busy?

Q6. How do you engage or invite others into a meeting discussion, do you wait for people to speak up or seek to involve them?

Q7. If someone is disruptive, how might you mitigate any inappropriate behaviours?

Q8. What about instant messaging and emojis, a useful addition to speech or a distraction?

Q9. Is wearing headphones acceptable or is it a better professional setup if you invest in a good mic and speakers?

Q10. Is it more respectful to finish a meeting 5 minutes early?


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