#Digiblogchat Questions for May 12, 2020

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The topic for May 12, 2020 is fitness routines for the remote worker!

Today’s questions are by @LazBlazter. Join us on Twitter at 1:00 pm Pacific Time every Tuesday. 

Q1. What exercise tips can you share for anyone working away from the office or remotely?

Q2. How often do you take a stretch break and what prompts you?

Q3. Let’s get some competition here: set yourself daily targets, e.g. a sale is 10 Squats. What‘s your target?

Q4. Who do you work out with over @youtube or @zoom?

Q5. Can you share either a  HIT routine or a relaxation tip?

Q6. What are the benefits of being active and doing basic fitness to your work?

Q7. Would you consider a client workout acceptable now, as in a round of golf? 

Q8. What about those snacks and coffees, howdo you control the munchies?

Q9. Would you support a colleague with their exercise programme and how?

Q10. What clothes do you wear for remote working when exercising too?


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