#DigiBlogChat Questions for June 1, 2021

Hello everybody! The topic for June 1, 2021 is about adding to our community, with questions by Randy @RandyLyleClark! Join us on Twitter every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. PDT, by following the #digiblogchat hashtag.

Here are the questions:

Q1. Why do you participate in #digiblogchat?

Q2. Who have you introduced to #digiblogchat that’s become a regular?

Q3. Who do you know that would enjoy #digiblogchat?

Q4. Who would be an excellent guest host?

Q5. What other chat hosts might appreciate #digiblogchat?

Q6. If you could invite any influencer or celebrity to join us, who would it be?

Q7. Who do you know that fits in with our #digiblogchat culture?

Q8. Who was a regular of #digiblogchat who has gone missing?

Q9. Who do you know that would enjoy many of #digiblogchat’s topics?

Q10. Who is new to Twitter or that doesn’t spend much time on it that would gain by being introduced to #digiblogchat?


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