#DigiBlogChat April 23, 2024 Brainstorm Ways to Reinstate Terri Nakamura’s Twitter Account!

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#DigiBlogChat April 23, 2024 Brainstorm Ways to Reinstate Terri Nakamura’s Twitter Account! | Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

The Cybercrime

As some of you already know, Terri Nakamura’s Twitter/X account was hacked in March. For over a month now, she has been trying to get her account reinstated. She has been using her backup account, @Terrinaka, to communicate with customer service and her friends and colleagues about the hack. Her main account, @TerriNakamura, is the one that was hacked.

Many of us have reported the hacker to Twitter/X, with no results so far. April 23rd’s #DigiBlogChat will be to brainstorm other ways that we might draw attention to Terri’s plight. Please, if you have other ideas, let us know so that we can use those! This is something that could happen to any of us.

For every tweet, let’s tag @ElonMusk and use the hashtags #Cybersecurity and #TwitterHack. What other accounts and hashtags can we use? #digiblogchat

The Questions

Q1. Has anything like Terri Nakamura’s Twitter hack happened to you or someone you know? What steps were taken and what worked? #digiblogchat

Q2. What legal or law enforcement institutions can we explore, since the hack involves the theft of many years of work? #digiblogchat

Q3. Are there any online communities dealing with cybersecurity or social media management that could assist? What are they? #digiblogchat

Q4. Is there a way to reach out to a cybersecurity expert to find out who the hacker is and provide a solution? #digiblogchat

Q5. Are there any reputable organizations or advocacy groups that specialize in supporting individuals or businesses affected by cybercrimes, such as identity theft or account hijacking? #digiblogchat

Q6. Do you know someone who works at Twitter? Please help us reach out to them for advice or support! #digiblogchat

Q7. Should Terri consider involving legal counsel to assess her options and represent her interests, especially if the hack has resulted in financial losses or damage to her reputation? Why or why not? #digiblogchat

Q8. Maybe verified accounts associated with Elon Musk or Twitter, such as those of SpaceX (@SpaceX) or Tesla (@Tesla) could draw attention to this hack. What are your other ideas? #digiblogchat

Q9. What if we all contact Twitter Support, using their website or email, to report the hack and request assistance? #digiblogchat

Q10. What relevant media outlets or tech blogs can we use to report the hack and raise awareness about Terri’s situation? #digiblogchat


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