Creating Ritual for Social Media Transitions: Confessions

Creating Ritual for Social Media Transitions: Confessions

Creating Ritual for Social Media Transitions: Confessions

You might have read my last post: Ten Social Media Transitions and How to Use Them. That post brought up another issue, that of how to create rituals for surviving those transitions.

Everyone Processes Differently

Everyone Processes Differently

Everyone Processes Differently

It’s a cliche to say that everyone is different. But everyone processes their emotions differently. To some people, it’s like water off a duck’s back. They’re all: “Next!” Others may need to wear a sackcloth and mope around for quite a few days (that would be me).

It’s easy to say that you should just “get over it.” But, really, how do you?

Balinese Rituals

Balinese Rituals

Balinese Rituals

While thinking about this topic, my mind wandered back to a trip I took to Bali. The Balinese have numerous ways of celebrating, creating offerings, and making rituals out of every day events. They seem to have a ritual for nearly every event. If you wander around for awhile, and come back to your hotel room, you may find flowers in your shoes.

What if we had as many rituals for the transitions and events that face us in the digital world?

New Job Responsibilities

For instance, if you suddenly had to take on a new platform, you’d know exactly what to do. There would be a ritual for it, that would involve Pinot Noir, chocolate, and a hike with your two best friends to a favorite bench in a park. Once there, you’d have a basket filled with the proper words that you’d speak, before you burnt and buried them. The words, that is.

Ditching Trolls

Much like beating Bowser, ditching a troll takes a lot of effort and multiple tries. Eventually, fire will rain down and Princess Toadstool will be saved. In our digital lives, there are trolls, there is spam, and there are hurdles of every variety to overcome. By the way, here are instructions for beating Bowser.

ISO: The Gamification Handbook

Not only do our online lives need to be gamified more, we need a way to quickly process our emotions. Creating a point system could definitely be the way to go. Maybe even a handbook for social media managers with all the tricks of getting through the tough times, as well as ways to celebrate the good times. Here’s my article on the gamification of social media, in case you missed it.

Handling Victory

If loss creates stress, success also creates stress. You’ve just gained 20,000 followers on your business account. What do you do? Do you announce it? Does anyone care except for you? Maybe not. But a small celebration couldn’t hurt, could it?

ouiji photo

Photo by oztenphoto

What Rituals Do You Have?

I’m really curious about this. We spend more and more of our time online. The line between online and offline isn’t as distinct as it once was. Have you created any rituals? What are they? Please leave me a comment!


  1. I feel almost bad now that I haven’t bothered to create any rituals. I have routines and habits but not much else. I’m thinking about how I can do this now.

    • Hi Bridget!

      Don’t feel bad. I haven’t created any, either. And I think it’s uncharted territory for most of us. But having process and structure for some of these events would certainly help. We’re not the only ones going through this.

      Thank you for your support! By the way, I used the image plugin you recommended for some of the images! So thank you for helping with that. :D


  2. Thanks for bringing back memories of Balinese rituals. I remember the offerings left in the streets every morning and the ceremonial processions every other day. They have such a wonderful culture.

  3. We have a few that we do. I give a “prize” to the xxxx follower. So far it’s been 1000 and now 2000th. Tshirts and coffee mugs go a long way. I go meet my local twitter peeps with a small gift to say hey and thanks. I like to (and am creating a real schedule) retweet my favorites on Twitter, talk about their articles and who they are. I also like to forward information on websites, chats and blogs that I like. It’s about the love. I really like you put it as a “ritual”. I had not thought of it in this way but how cool. And I love the part about celebrating. We do not celebrate the good nearly enough. I am going to add that to my list! :)

    • Hi Beth,

      I like your “it’s about the love” comment. You like to share, and you like to connect, so likely your rituals would revolve around sharing and connecting. Yes on having an emphasis on the positive events. I love your giving prizes to the 1000th and 2000th follower.

      Thank you for always being so incredibly supportive,


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