Content Creation: What Are the Best Habits for Writing?

Content Creation: What Are the Best Habits for Writing?

Content Creation: What Are the Best Habits for Writing?

Content Creation: What Are the Best Habits for Writing?

Every writer has their own habits, and I know plenty of writers who suffer from writer’s block. Other writers work best under deadline pressure. Most of us are somewhere in between–a little pressure, but not too much.

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Carve out Blocks of Time for Writing

Having at least a half-hour block of time to write undisturbed has always been a great trick for me. Maybe it’s not a secret, though. You may need a certain space, a favorite pad of paper, or absolute silence. But having enough time to write is key. And starting ahead of time before you’re too stressed to write at all has worked for me. Here are some tips from Forbes on How to Manipulate Time with These Powerful 20 Time Management Tips. (See #2.)

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Trick Yourself into Writing

Another best habit for writing is to write for 15-minute chunks. Because you can do anything for 15 minutes, right? Getting started has always been the most difficult part of doing anything for me. Whether it’s a chore around the house or writing, that first 15 minutes is the most painful. And if I think about writing too much, then somehow my mind makes it into an overwhelmingly huge task. Also, if you’re able to gamify your blogging, that’s very helpful, too. Here’s a post about the gamification of social media that you might like.

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Have Five Topics

I learned this idea from Syed Balkhi years ago, and it’s stuck with me. Create five topics so you have no excuse not to write. If you run out of steam, go to the next topic. Here’s the post where I wrote about WordCamp Orange County and Syed Balkhi: WordCamp Orange County 2013. I can’t believe it’s been five years! Anyway, create those topics and don’t let “not having anything to write about” stop you.

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Keep Going and Edit Later

Don’t stop, and don’t think about what you’re doing too much until later. You can always edit. You can add links and images later, too. For now, your job is just to do a brain dump on the topic. You may want to get the high-level topics within your post, but other than that, just write. Add one sentence per topic. Then add two more sentences and take it from there. Soon, you’ll have something that looks like a blog post.

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Make it the Same But Different

When you’re writing, you may think it’s exactly the same as another topic you wrote about, and sometimes it’s very similar. But not everyone is going to read every word you write. Even if you’re writing about the same topic, it’s going to be different. And the images you add will be different, too. For images, I like Pixabay (make sure the images are really free).

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What Are Your Best Habits?

What are your favorite and best habits? What gets you going? Do you need a favorite beverage in a favorite mug? Let me know in the comments! And thank you!



  1. I think “Keep going and edit later” is my favorite. Otherwise, I can get paralyzed by fear and end up without a single thing written. You can’t edit a blank page!

  2. I love your 15 minute trick. You’re right. The hardest part is getting started. Thanks for the motivation.

    • I’m glad you use that trick! It’s switching gears from one task to another that seems difficult for me. Often, once I do something, I discover that it’s really pretty easy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dyane Harwood says

    Hey Carol!

    I love this post & the pictures rock as always. I started reading a great book by literary agency founder/longtime editor Kelly Notaras. It’s called “The Book You Were Born to Write: Everything You Need to (Finally) Get Your Wisdom onto the Page and into the World.”

    She suggests creating a routine like this:
    Write daily for 30 minutes.
    Use a timer.
    Don’t edit the content

    I mark off each of my daily successes on a checklist that I tacked to my wall
    If I can “only” write for 15 minutes, that’s fine too!

    So far, so good–this routine is going well. I also like to listen to “writing focus” music on YouTube – here’s my current choice:

    I’m taking 2 weeks off Twitter to recharge so that will free up *some*—I’ll be honest—*lots*
    of time for me to write, LOL!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas/holiday.


    p.s. I’m loving this rain and I bet you are too! I hope the power stays on!

    • Hi Dyane,
      Thank you so much. That book sounds wonderful! I’ll have to check it out. I use a timer, but so far don’t write daily. Maybe Monday – Wednesday. For awhile, I was writing two blog posts a week, but that was in 2012. I like to start with 15 minutes because that usually turns into 30 or 45 minutes, but it’s after all my other work is done usually.
      Light music is good, but silence is good, too. There’s never real silence, though. There’s always a fan or the wind, or lately rain against the roof. That rain has been wonderful!
      I’m glad you’re taking a break. We all need to do that sometimes! I hope you get lots written. Have a wonderful Christmas and holidays and I hope to see you in the new year!

      Yes, the rain was really coming down! I heard we got nearly 3″ in the last storm. Maybe we’re out of the drought for now!

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