Content Creation: How to Make Your Writing More Fun

Content Creation: How to Make Your Writing More Fun

Content Creation: How to Make Your Writing More Fun

Sometimes work can be a real drag. On those days when you start looking at the clock before lunch, you know it’s going to be longer than it needs to be. The solution? More fun, of course! But that’s easier said than done. Here are some ideas to influence your writing, which if you’re a writer can, in turn, make your day more fun.


Add Colorful Images

Images may be even more important than the writing itself (but don’t tell any writer that!). As Neil Patel writes in his excellent article 11 Best Practices for Including Images in Your Blog Post, “What you need to understand is that your audience is lazy.” That is, they want to get the information as quickly as possible. And images can make your readers smile or laugh, too, while getting them more information. Yes, visual information counts.


Appreciate Bad Writing

Bad writing has its place. And if you’re someone who writes for a living, writing badly is probably difficult for you. It would be like asking someone with perfect pitch to sing something off-key. Reading bad writing may be something that hurts your teeth. You know what I mean, you writers out there! To fully appreciate bad writing, you need to pick up something at the airport before you get on a plane. And you must read it while enjoying those miniscule pretzels you get with your orange juice. If you appreciate bad writing, then you’ll notice the difference when you see good writing. You might likeĀ Content Creation: What Are the Best Habits for Writing?


Automatic Writing

Do you ever write without any end in mind? That is, just fill a notebook with a page of whatever’s on your mind? At first, the words may seem like gibberish. But you may notice after a while that there’s a topic or two in there that could be expanded. And those topics that you happen upon accidentally can be even more fun. Automatic writing works really well in the morning for me, but you can take a try any time of day. The important thing is to turn off the editor who lives in your head and keep going.


Combine Two Unique Topics

This is probably my favorite way to write. Combine two topics that you wouldn’t usually see together. For instance, What Nikola Tesla Said about the New iPhone Will Blow Your Mind! probably isn’t an article or blog post that you’re going to see very often. That’s what some might call a long, long, long tail word. So you might think about combining someone in the news along with another topic and see what happens. At the very least, you’ll have fun writing!


Write for Yourself

That is, don’t worry about what anyone else will think. That’s a good way to start. Of course, if you have an audience, you need to keep them in mind. But if you don’t have anything written, you can’t go back and edit later. You need to have something on the page so you can go back and change it, after all.


  1. The feeling of accomplishment of completion is fun too!

  2. David Stucker says

    These are great reminders, Carol! As a professional, it’s so easy to get stuck and to stop having fun, even though we’re doing what we love. I really appreciated the help!

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