Blogging When You Don’t Feel Like it: Ten Ideas

How do you blog when you don’t feel like it? Summer’s almost here and all the kids are getting out of school. Everything is slowing down and the weather’s warming up. So how do you get yourself motivated when you just don’t wanna? Here are some ideas for you.

Put the seat of your pants in the seat of your chair

This is my best advice. Many times I don’t want to write anything, but sitting down and writing gets me in the mood to write more. Getting started is often the best idea. Set a small goal, like 15 minutes (or 10 or 5!) to get started. Then give yourself a reward. I like Halo Top ice cream. You might like it, too.

Revisit an old idea to blog when you don’t feel like it

Was there an idea you had that never really gelled? Maybe now you can go back and see where it leads. That article you wrote about Albert Einstein? Try it out now! You could even take two old ideas and combine them. Albert Einstein + SEO? Yes, please!

Finish something you started

Did you have a half-baked idea, but you got interrupted and forgot all about it? Now could be a good time to start that article or blog post. Of course, brainstorming topics is always helpful and can give you tons of topic ideas. Here’s an article you might like about brainstorming: Best Ways to Better Brainstorming.

Image by <a href="">StartupStockPhotos</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Blogging When You Don’t Feel Like it: Ten Ideas | Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Do a compilation or “best of” post

Many YouTube channels do a monthly or yearly roundup. Sometimes the compilations are better than wading through all the actual videos. You could do the same with your articles. Of course, put links into your compilation post so people can go and read the longer versions. This is a really easy way to blog when you don’t feel like it. By the way, here are some more ideas about blogging in case these aren’t enough: How to Find Ten Blog Post Ideas in One Hour That Will Make You Feel Relaxed. Feeling more relaxed yet?

Get back to basics when you don’t feel like blogging

What are the things you enjoy writing about? What did you tell yourself you’d write about when you started blogging? Go back to those. Go back to the very first articles you wrote and your favorites. Write more about those topics. Maybe you’ve strayed from your original concepts.

Find inspiration with a friend’s writing

For my last blog post, I wrote about my reaction to someone else’s post. You could do the same. Write a response to this post, or to a friend’s article (and be sure to link to their article, too!).

Do some automatic writing

And by automatic writing, I don’t mean that you enter a trance or anything like that. More that you turn off the conscious part of your brain and write without judging yourself. So definitely no editing when you’re writing that new post.

Choose something lighter than usual

Not every blog post or article has to be amazing! Why not write something out of the ordinary for you? After all, it’s the end of the school year and people are having parties and getting ready for summer. Maybe a roundup of your favorite recipes or something similar. Sometimes off-topic ideas get more traction than your regular fare.

Rewrite a post that didn’t get traction

Sometimes a post just doesn’t land correctly. Why not rewrite it? You could add a couple more links and also some images to make it more interesting.

Interview someone you admire

An interview helps you and the person you’re interviewing, too. Your readers might want to hear about someone they don’t know. Who do you think your readers would like to know more about? Putting the focus on someone else is a great way to blog when you don’t feel like it. And if you want to hear some good interviews, may I suggest Rod & Inci Jones’ excellent Thought Row Podcast? They interview people about their creative endeavors.




  1. I think the idea of rewriting, or repurposing an older post, is a pretty good idea. I figure that I have almost 1,900 articles on one blog and almost 1,500 on another, and some of my older content was pretty good, if I say so myself. :-) Since I know at a certain point those articles were disappear, I like bringing them back to life… especially the longer articles.

    • Whoa, Mitch that’s a crazy number of articles! I don’t know how many I’ve written, but it’s probably not even in the same ballpark! Good for you for writing so much. And repurposing/rewriting is a good way to revisit those ideas and see which still hold true. Not all of mine are “green” articles. Thanks for stopping by!

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