Baby Boomers: Social Media 101

You’re a Baby Boomer, intent on learning about social media. That’s great! Now what? Well, you might learn from your friends, if they’re part of GenC, and connected. But more than likely, you will learn from someone else, perhaps a consultant, or from hands-on trial and error. First off, congratulations for deciding to learn. Secondly, social media is just a bunch of tools. You already have the knowledge you need–good manners, pacing, and emotional intelligence. Let me explain.

This post was inspired by a cartoon I saw recently, and retweeted:


Remember your trusty Rolodex? You can still keep a Rolodex–if you like–but having all that information online is so much simpler. Plus, it gets updated automagically whenever someone changes their job, so you don’t have to use White Out. If there’s a good place for a Boomer to get started on social media, this is the place. The pacing is slower, and you only connect with whomever you want to talk to. And you’ve already got the good manners and mad listening skills.


Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is quite easy. Pin things you like, just as you would on a vision board. On your boards, remove things that are outdated or that don’t get liked or repinned. Comment on other people’s pins (because nobody does that!), and you’ll stand out! If your audience is Boomer women, so much the better!


Remember your trusty Rolodex?

Remember your trusty Rolodex?

For a boomer, Facebook is easy. Share authentic posts with your friends. Share a photo of something odd you saw during the day, or a thought you had. You can start by lurking if you want to learn. Then start to “like” your friends’ posts, comment, and finally, share things from your friends. You would never tell someone to buy your stuff on day one, because as a boomer you know about pacing! That’s pretty much all there is to it.


Skype is just a tool for talking, with video so you can see the other person. And since you are already a pro at using the phone, this is super easy. It’s like a chat with a neighbor over the back fence. With your advanced emotional intelligence, you have this nailed.


Twitter is maybe the most advanced of the tools. You may need a little time to learn the lingo. But again, Twitter is just a tool to talk to people. As a boomer, you are a natural talker and know how to engage. Do not have Twitter phobia! With Twitter, you can connect to people all over the world, or in your neighborhood.

Are You A Boomer?

If you are, I’d like to say: don’t be intimidated! You already have the most important skill set, and with these new tools, you will be unstoppable! Don’t let anyone look down at you for checking out these new tools. Really.


  1. Just from the opening paragraph, I love this post. I shared it on linked in where I think many of those boomers reluctantly try social media.

    I like how you break down the advantages of each network, too. Nice post. I’m sending this to my boomer husband.

    • Hi Bridget,

      Your comment and retweet and then post on LinkedIn really made my day! Thank you! I really do hope that more Boomers pick up on social media, and I’d love to be the one to provide a little inspiration. Because Boomers aren’t afraid to really engage, and that’s what it’s all about!

      Thanks again,

  2. Great post!!! Social Media is here to stay and it is important for every generation to take part in it!! This makes it quite user friendly!! I will be sending the link to quite a few of my industry counterparts that have not jumped in yet :)
    Have a Blessed day!!

    • Hello Denise,
      I strongly believe that boomers would KILL social media if they took the time to learn it. Too bad people feel so intimidated. And thanks for sending the link to your counterparts. I really appreciate that. :D

  3. So…Can I be your boomer social media advocate poster child? LOL Good post.

    • Hah! Randy, you do quite well. It’s funny to me that the people with the best people skills are often the ones who are the most intimidated by social media. Baby Boomers rock! And thank you for the comment. :D


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