Beware Instagram Follow Unfollow Backlash: A New Kind Of Fail

Beware Instagram Follow Unfollow Backlash: A New Kind Of Fail

Beware Instagram Follow Unfollow Backlash: A New Kind Of Fail

Recently a couple of different accounts on Instagram followed me, waited for me to follow back, then unfollowed me. They were both major fails and here’s why.

Here’s another person writing about same issue, from Summer, a blogger: 5 Key Reasons to Stop the Follow/Unfollow Nonsense. She really hits the Instagram nail on the head!

An app for homeowners.

An app for homeowners.

An App for Homeowners

If you have a business that targets homeowners, then you probably want to follow those homeowners on Instagram. So when an app for homeowners followed me, I found their business to be pretty interesting. I followed back. I started reading their posts, and was nearly ready to sign up for their service.

Then they unfollowed me.

Then they unfollowed me.

Then they unfollowed me.

Pretty silly, right? Now maybe the person who did the unfollowing wasn’t the business owner. Could be they hired a social media manager who decided that I wasn’t their target demographic.

However, they just lost a sale!

So don’t do that!

You don’t know how long a sale will take. You can’t predict that it will take two weeks, or two months. If someone is following you back and liking your posts, in my opinion you want to keep that kind of follower.

And to unfollow people to inflate your numbers doesn’t help your bottom line.

 clothing store photo

A Clothing Shop

Here’s a second example. This clothing shop is nearby. I’ve been there many times, and have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars there. So when they followed me, I happily followed back. Because I love their clothes!

Then they unfollowed me. Now, here’s the thing. Not only do I not want to go there any more, I don’t want to buy anything from them any more!

And I’ll bet I’m not unusual.

So be very careful when you play the follow-unfollow game. Because you worked hard to gain that customer. So don’t let an idiot of a social media manager lose your customers by pushing a button and trying to gain followers.

The follow-unfollow game can definitely impact your bottom line!

By the way, if you’re looking for a social media manager, here are three articles for you:

Following and Unfollowing on Instagram?

Have you had the follow-unfollow issue on Instagram? How did you deal with it? Leave me a comment! Thank you.

clothing store photo


  1. Ken Scheer says:

    This happens to me a lot and it’s frustrating. I will look at the account when they follow me and if their counts are way off on followers vs. follows I rarely follow because I know they will just unfollow me right away.

    • Hi Ken,

      I do the same thing (check the followers vs follows). And it still surprises me when smaller accounts do the follow-unfollow thing. I suppose they’re trying to amass a huge following by following and unfollowing, but they’re losing customers at the same time.

      Thanks for the comment.


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